What to Expect From an Open House

Do you find yourself overwhelmed in your search for the perfect home? Are you still asking yourself what you absolutely need and what you’re willing to sacrifice in order to not exceed your price range?

Going to an open house is the ideal way to determine all this, in addition to:

  • what kind of neighbourhood you would like to live in
  • what the demand is for property in your area of choice

The latter can easily be determined by the turnout. If there are quite a lot of visitors, this is a good indicator of the home’s resell value. It means already, home shoppers are interested in the property—and that’s without any renovations and modern upgrade you may do over the years after you’ve moved in.

Take a look around the neighbourhood

Going to an open house offers you a chance to scout the area. You’re not on-appointment, so take your time to drive around, walk to the bus stop, and see what’s in proximity. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the conditions of the surrounding houses and parks. It’ll give you a sense of the neighbourhood conditions and upkeep.

Give yourself a good tour

Open houses also give you the chance to poke around! Check the water pressure from all the faucets (including the shower head), peek inside the cupboards, examine the closet space, open drawers, look closely for any chipped flooring, cracks in the wall, etc. Don’t forget to check the views from the windows! Dig beyond what’s listed.

Ask the agent anything

Open houses have an agent on duty, so take full advantage their presence.  Ask them about the home’s sale history, when the home was listed, recent renovations or electrical problems—whatever will offer you a more in-depth analysis that will help you determine whether the property value is worth its listed price.

Talk to the neighbours

During an open house, curious neighbours often drop by to take a peek inside. Talk to them and get to know the community! You can usually get a great sense of a place after you’ve spoken to the inhabitants and tested out the vibe.

Keep your ears open

What are the other visitors saying? Maybe they noticed something you didn’t. It’s easy to get dazzled by the staged furniture and fresh-baked cookies.  Remember, sellers have worked hard to make their space feel homey and welcome; your job is to look past that.

Need some realty advice from the pros? Contact us today and we’ll help you get the most out of your open house experience.

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