Explore Historic Old Fort Erie and Revisit the Past

Are you interested in buying real estate in the Niagara Region? This summer, come and explore the historical diversity and beauty of Fort Erie. Soak up your Canadian history and see what it’s like to live close to so many national landmarks. Here are some amazing things to look forward to on your trip to Fort Erie:

The War of 1812 Reenactment

Did you know that Old Fort Erie is the site of the bloodiest battle in Canadian history? As the Napoleonic Wars caused friction between the British and the Americans, war was declared in 1812, which led to the battle at Fort Erie. British, Native, and American soldiers fought and lost their lives over this very spot. Visitors to the historic landmark get to see the battle reenacted in period clothing! Learn about Canadian history in a way you’ll never forget.

Heritage Trail
Fort Erie and the Niagara Region is an area rich in Canadian history, cultural icons and emblems of our heritage, but it doesn’t just stop at Old Fort Erie. If you’re a history lover or want to take your kids on an interactive tour of history, be sure to check out popular tourist destinations, such as the events below!

Laura Secord Homestead
Home to the famous heroine who travelled 32 dangerous kilometres to warn the British of an impending American attack during the war of 1812, the Laura Secord Homestead captures a moment in time. Lovingly restored to its former splendour by Laura Secord chocolate company in the 70s, the home now serves as a museum that gives costumed guided tours every summer.

McFarland House
Built before the War of 1812, the McFarland House is the oldest building in the region and impeccably preserved. It has served many political purposes, especially during the war, and now serves as a popular destination for tourists in the Niagara region. Experience true Georgian style and explore the house and its impeccable gardens.

Underground Railroad
The old fort wasn’t only used as battlefield. It was also essential to the freeing of African slaves by being part of the Underground Railroad network. Located just on the other side of Buffalo, Old Fort Erie was an important station for runaway slaves. Guided by abolitionists and sympathizers, escaped slaves were able to flee to safety on Canadian soil thanks to places like the Fort.

Fort Erie Racetrack
The Fort Erie Racetrack is proof that there’s more to experiencing history than taking a tour of historic monuments. Founded in 1897, the famous racetrack has been hosting thoroughbred races for 120 years. Whether you’re a fan of racing or you love to see the magic and pageantry of racing horses, a day at the racetrack is one of Fort Erie’s most beloved tourist destinations.

Enjoy Your Trip!
We hope you enjoy your visit to Fort Erie. While you’re here, why not stop by our office to discuss the real estate market and what we can do to find you the best home on the market.