The Niagara Region—One of the Most Eco-Friendly Areas in Ontario

Great news for environmentalists looking for the next best Ontario city to settle their families, retire in, or vacation to during the summer months. The Niagara Region is becoming one of the most eco-friendly areas in the Ontario region. Known for conserving their environment, repairing past damages, and increasing public awareness of environmental issues, it is even recognized by the FDi—a division of Financial Times Limited—as one of the top Ontario cities of the future.

Region-Wide Curbside Battery Collection
​This spring, between April 24 and 28, residents of single-family homes and apartments across Niagara are asked to bring their batteries to the curb on their neighbourhood’s regular collection day. This special one-week only initiative not only offers residents the convenience of disposing of their unwanted batteries, but it also protects our landfills from chemicals such as nickel and cadmium, which are extremely toxic to humans, wildlife, and our environment. All batteries will, of course, be recycled.

Week-long Activities to Celebrate Earth Day
​Every year, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. This year, on Canada’s 27th Earth Day anniversary, Niagara residents are making it their mission to encourage Canadians to take action in an effort to effect positive change. They have set out to improve environmental conditions at work, school, and home; and, in recognition of this special day, the Niagara Region has offered an array of fun activities free of charge.

A Guided Tour of Niagara’s Recycling Centre
It’s not every day you visit—or even think of visiting—the Niagara Recycling Centre. Haven’t you ever wondered how materials get recycled? Where they go? What the process is? In one hour, you can finally learn first-hand about the machines, procedures, and people that sort out and ship your recyclables. For your own safety, they implement precautions, such as wearing closed shoes and long pants. Visitors also cannot be under 10-years-old.

Niagara’s Drinking Water Treatment Plants Earn an A+
The province of Ontario awarded the Niagara region with an A+ on their drinking water for the third year in a row. During its 2016 inspections, the region’s six water treatment facilities have received a rating of 100% from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC). This outstanding rating is an example of the region’s promise to advance in their efforts to stay green, healthy, and maintain high standards of living. Delivering safe, quality drinking water is one of Niagara’s proudest ecological accomplishments.

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Retiring in the Niagara Region

Have you accomplished two to three decades of hard work, brought up a family, and spent over an hour per day on public transport getting to and from work? It sounds like you’re ready for a much-deserved retirement.


Is there any place more appealing to spend your golden years than in a region entirely devoted to wine and delectable cuisine? Ontario’s Niagara-on-the-Lake is a charming, picturesque neighborhood located in the Niagara region just a few minutes’ drive from local, award-winning wineries. Take daily strolls with your wife or husband through the charming winding roads; go on scenic drives across the countryside, and admire the beautiful Victorian-style homes—or live in one yourself! This village is practically heaven.

A Change of Pace

Many baby boomers preparing for retirement are taken with Niagara’s serene quality of life. In fact, the demographic of the area has dropped in age over the last few years—homeowners who are looking for a slower-paced lifestyle are coming from Toronto to downsize from the city and upsize into a rural area. More and more people who are able to work from home or can commute to the Greater Ontario Area daily find it’s worth selling their property in Toronto for $700,000 and purchasing one in Niagara for just $300,000-$400,000.

Health System & Amenities

For a senior and near-senior population, healthcare, as well as being part of an active community, are also important factors to take into account. Fortunately, a new hospital location has opened in St. Catharines, in addition to Niagara Health System’s (NHS) five other sites that serve 434,000 residents across the 12 municipalities.

As for entertainment activities and amenities, Niagara is chock-full of them. The region is perfect for nature lovers who enjoy a good hike and outdoor sports like golf, tennis, and skiing in the wintertime.

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